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    Locals Tasting Room ( in Geyserville is where tourists often become Locals. Here are a few of our new friends. Click on an the image for more information about our recent visitors....and if you see yourself..send us a note.
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Jay Oliver

Locals and potential Locals, allow me to report another great find. The Eric Ross 2001 Poule d'Or had a delicious flavor when I first bought it in Winter of 2004/5, but I just drank my last bottle (of four) two weeks ago and it is better than ever. If you haven't ordered more of this, hurry up, because I am! It captures the quintessence of Pinot Noir without going too far down the road toward 'pure earth.' It has wonderful earthy flavors, to be sure, but it also has dazzling flavors of tart cherry, red, almost ripe raspberry, cola, nutmeg, and 'je ne se qua.' I bought two more bottles with the Winter shipment and if there is any left, I'll buy a couple more. (unless my tax return is going to be good to me, then I'll buy more!)

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