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October 18, 2008


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We have crabbed on the Doran Spit for years, our kids are grown now, and we still went to crab. Don't get near my Husband when he is cooking or eating crab. He turns into a wild animal! It's a great sight to see, how much he enjoys himself. We are getting a little older, and about 3 years ago, he decided that he was a little too old to go out with his net on the rocks. There was an older couple, like us, camped next to us with their around 9 year old grandson. Grand-dad and grandson went crabbing and came back with nothing, they had not the right equipment. My lovely Husband went up to the Grand-dad and asked if he could give his grandson his crab net. He said, "Of course!" He offered it to the boy, and it was happily accepted. The next day, they returned with a pile of crab and they were very happy. It was the passing on of a good thing......

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